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Professionally Prepared Integrated Claim Forms Assistant


1) Why do I have a refund?

2. What is a Refund Recovery Specialist?

3. How did the government get my money?

4. Why didn't the government agency contact me themselves?

5. Where do most people, who have a refund, make their mistakes?

6. Do I need to send you my social security information?

7. Can I do the refund myself?

8. Can I go back to the “original holder” and get the money?

9. What if I'm on Social Security, or on a fixed income?

10. Why are you allowing us to mail our own claim?

11. What is an allotted Percentage?

12. Why do I have to pay you a percentage?

13. How can I verify if your company is real?

14. Do I have to pay taxes on this money?

15. Will I receive any interest on my money?

16. Is the check made out to your company, or to me?

17. My claim has more than one name on it. I don't know the other person or people, or I'm not associated with that person anymore, what can I do?

18. Can I release my money to a relative, or charity?

19. Can non-family or distant family members claim the money?

20. What if I changed my name?

21. What are my chances of receiving the money?

22. How long will it take to get the money?

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